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JK’s Best and Worst Grab Bag


Best homoerotic Midwestern recipe:

Candlelight salad – a ring of pineapple holding an upright banana doused with mayonnaise.











But wait. It’s supposed to have a spritz of paprika on top to suggest a burning candle!

Best small town name (in Indiana’s Brown County):







Inexplicably, Gnaw Bone doesn’t have a single barbecue joint.

Best southern fried chicken:








Bullock’s in Durham, NC. Killer spare ribs too.

Worst name for a restaurant: (in Indianapolis, IN)










Really? The best thing you can say about your diner is that it’s sanitary?

Best street name:









Asheville, NC.

Best/worst indication that everyone in America now has a website:









Amherst, VA.

Worst possible inscription on an 8×10 glossy hanging on the wall of Mr. Beef, Chicago’s high temple of the Italian beef sammich:














“Hey, Mr. Beef, I’m a vegetarian now, but I’m sure your beef is as good as ever!” – Jim Belushi

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