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The Middle-Country…

Here are some memorable snaps from a road trip Judie and I took through Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee a few years ago…







The dome of the historic West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick, Indiana….







A late autumn maple in the Slave Cemetery in Roane County, Tennessee.







Kingsport, TN is home to a chemical company. Driving by one morning, Judie wrinkled up her nose and said, “Is that you or the plant?”

I would have laughed if she were kidding….

Here’s the Veteran’s Day Corvette Parade in Bowling Green, KY, the only place Vettes are manufactured….




Next stop was the art deco lobby in Cincinnati’s Netherland Plaza Hotel….





After booking our reservation my mother informed me that the Netherland Plaza was where she and my father spent their wedding night…

…paging Dr. Freud!!





We snapped this gem in Cookeville, TN….






And hung with homeboy Hoagy Carmichael in Bloomington, IN….






And saw the world’s greatest small town name in Indiana’s Brown County….







But I think the spirit of this feisty slice of America can best be summed up by this pic snapped in a small IN town whose name escapes me….

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