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Other Books by John Knoerle

Crystal Meth Cowboys

The City of Wislow sits on the frayed elbow of California, sealed off by mountains and sea. Wes Lyedecker begins his first day as a cop there, brimming with the desire to ‘make a difference.’ His wildly cynical training officer, Thomas Bell, is unimpressed.

The cops confront a berserk biker tearing up his motel room. He is amped out of his skull on meth. This bloody confrontation propels them down a twisted path.

Wes learns lessons they never taught in the Academy as the two cops battle drug lords, the Chief of Police, the Mayor and the town’s richest man in their quest to stem the flood of methamphetamine that is tearing Wislow apart.

The Violin Player

Walter Sumner, 44-year-old owner of a Chicago trading firm, is married with two young daughters. He reluctantly takes his place at the head of the family table when his mother dies suddenly of a suspicious heart seizure.

When Walter attempts to post her date of death on the family’s GenealoG webpage he finds that her date of death has already been posted. Walt does further research and discovers that his mother’s d.o.d. was posted before her death.

As the primary heir to his mother’s estate the police consider Walter the prime suspect. Then another family member’s d.o.d. pops up prematurely on the webpage.

And Walter Sumner must find the family stalker as the clock ticks down.

© Copyright John Knoerle 2015