The Proxy Assassin, A Cold War Spy Novel

Knoerle’s 3rd Spy Novel of the Great American Spy Trilogy

“The Proxy Assassin” named one of Best Novels of 2013

A Proxy Assassin
The Proxy Assassin

October, 1948. Former OSS agent Hal Schroeder gets an invitation to Washington D.C. from Frank Wisner, who heads the CIA’s new covert ops division. Hal is whisked off to Wisner’s Maryland shore retreat and introduced to a brace of Romanian royals, including the scarily beautiful Princess Stela Varadja, a direct descendant of Vlad Tepes Draculea.

Then Wisner pops the question. Would Hal consider parachuting into a remote mountain camp to meet with the leader of a Romanian anti-Communist resistance group?

“I had already survived two suicide missions, a third did not appeal. But I told Frank Wisner I would need a few days to think about it. I had some sightseeing to do.”

As it turns out Hal Schroeder gets to do a lot more sightseeing than he bargained for. A journey that brings the American Spy Trilogy to a surprising, and emotional, conclusion.

The Proxy Assassin: Spy Novel Excerpt

‘Trust no one’ is what they preach at spy school. But it’s unalloyed bullshit, unless you fancy living in a cave with a crate of K-rations and a Browning automatic. At the end of the day you have to trust somebody.

I decided I would trust Bill Harvey. It had something to do with his love for food and drink. Hitler was a strict vegetarian who didn’t imbibe. Harvey would go to his final reward with a pork chop in one hand and a highball in the other.

And I admire that in a person.

Praise for the spy novel… The Proxy Assassin…

“John Knoerle has mastered the art of less is more. In The Proxy Assassin he strings compelling words into kinetic sentences that have the reader flipping pages late into the night.” — Phil Brody, author of The Holden Age of Hollywood

“For readers of Olen Steinhauer’s TOURIST series, Daniel Silva & Joseph Kanon, add a terrific new author to your library of cerebral espionage thrillers.” — Stan Corwin, author of Oxymorons I Have Known

“Hal Schroeder is destined to join the ranks of classic characters in American fiction.” – Stephen Smoke, Editor-in-Chief, Mystery Magazine

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